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Words To Feed On is a personal blog by Okwukwe to help bring out the voice of God in the words of men and women.

Our Story

My Dad- Chief Davis Ihentuge told me how my grandfather maintained an opinion that adults should not give unsolicited advice. Why?

He believes anyone going a distance of a few kilometers from our country home to Eke Atta- our marketplace, would always get a message. For instance, one does not need to be told that speeding is dangerous if he or she just saw an accident caused by too much speed.

You could read or see quotations daily, especially in this social media era, but fail to apply them in your circumstances. You could be a Christian, but fail to see the message in the quotes of secular people. The blog aims to close the gap between the quotations we use every day and the letter from the word of God.

 Align them and apply them to your circumstances to become an overcomer indeed.

Our Mission

To show that words people speak, no matter their inclination could help us hear the Words of God. This blog is committed to curating, sharing, and emphasizing these words from men and women to reinforce a spiritual life.

Our Belief

God has revealed himself to us through his Word, the Holy Bible and the Bible is divinely inspired and without error. We also believe that words men speak, though not speaking the Word of God, can minister to those whose heart is of God or who seek God.


On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.

– Edward Mote, 1863

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About Okwukwe Davis,
The Author.

Okwukwe Davis is a Nigerian Optometrist  & Digital Marketing Strategist, based in Saudi Arabia. He strongly believes that there is always an inherent message in people’s quotations. It does not matter the inclination of the speakers. 

Okwukwe Davis - Author, Words to feed on blog

I’m Okwukwe

People speak, and God’s message resonates when we listen to hear from God. My conviction comes from one of my favorite quotes by Bob Marley,

“In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty.”

I hear an emphasis on God’s Word asking us to seek and find, drink and thirst no more because we already have it all. This resonates with the word of God in James 4:2 NIV:

“…you do not have because you do not ask”

Again collaborated by the story of the prodigal son who had it all but went out to beg. 

With hearts towards God, you can hear the Word of God from the words people speak, no matter their inclinations.

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